Your legacy 

As you get older you may start to wonder about what your legacy will be when you die. How will I be remembered? Will people remember me? Will my work be remembered? And so on. But what is it that really matters? We all die and all have that inescapable truth in common. To me what matters is how I treat people now. I try to do my best to do the right thing. I’m not perfect and have my share of regrets. But I try to learn from my mistakes. If I have treated people right then that is enough of a legacy for me. But we are all different and some may be more restless than I and worry that they have to do more to leave a legacy. Instead of focusing on the now, the present moment that flies by so fast. I want to cherish the time I share with the people I love because in the end that is all that really matters. Did I love and was I loved?


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