tips for rural living 

For me rural living is being 3 miles from nearest village  shop and 100 miles from a city. I commute to work most weeks and average about 500 miles a week and this can vary greatly.

Tip 1.

Stock your food cupboards with everything you need to make most meals. Whenever I’ve lived in a city or town food is easily aquired at any time of day and I no longer eat takeaways. So instead I have ingredients to make a pizza for example (flour, yeast, cans of tomatoes). Our food cupboard looks very different to how it did when we lived in a city. We now stock many herbs, spices, oils, jams, flours. I am very grateful for this! When things are going well we have extra meat, cheeses and vegetables. We eat very well. In the city we ate more takeaways and convenience foods which are not as nutritious as fresh food.

Tip 2.

Own a vehicle. Rural living involves a lot more driving for some people and it is a fact of life if you want to go anywhere. Public transport is infrequent and taxis are expensive. I think it really depends on your circumstances.

Tip 3.

Do stuff yourself. It’s good to be able to sort out problems and be independent. You also want to balance this with being able to ask others for help when needed. But if a plug needs changing, a fence repairing or a car tyre need replacing then it’s helpful to be able to do these sorts of tasks yourself.

tip 4. 

Bad internet can be improved. Rural internet sucks. It has to travel further down the wires meaning it loses a lot of speed. But you can pester your supplier to change the cabling going up to and into your property as a lot of the cables are out of date and need replacing. 

There’s not a day goes past I am thankful for the wonderful countryside I occupy with my friends. We share this incredible environment where wild animals and plants co exist with us humans and our domesticated creatures. Sure rural living has it’s downsides but for me the positives far outweigh the negatives. If I have to spend a little more time in our car to reach this fabulous place I call home then that’s a trade I’m happy to make. 

If I think of anymore I will post here. What are your tips for rural living.


A fresh day 

It’s Sunday and I awoke early feeling fresh and ready for the day. I stopped drinking alcohol in 2004 so I no longer suffer hangovers. Whilst many people I know will be nursing hangovers today I will be bouncing around playing in the spring sunshine feeling on top of the world.