trying to understand why

” I belong to a group. I’m ok because I feel safe, wanted and at ease in my group. We stick up for each other so if anyone starts with anyone in the group we defend them. This makes us feel protected. If anyone wants to leave the group we won’t let them. It is vital for the survival of the group that we all stick together. ”
The first group many people experience is family. As people grow they may join other groups. Some join work groups, clubs, churches, gangs, cults, bands, families and online groups. Some may be part of multiple groups overlapping at different times to different degrees. Some groups have stricter rules than others. Armies for example have very strict orders their soldiers must obey. On the other hand loose formed collectives of cooperatives follow guidelines. Some groups work with other groups to help each other. There are other groups who a more private and prefer to go it alone. With so many different groups how do we make it work for everyone on the planet?