The process of letting go

How do we let go of our thoughts, feelings and memories that we think of every day? Buddha taught us to not dwell on the past or think of the future but just be in the present moment. It’s a choice that we can all make and takes conscious effort. Sometimes I enjoy dwelling on stuff! 

Taking responsibility and choosing another way.
I can choose what path I want to walk nobody can do it for me. Maybe if souls are in suffering it’s harder to see what they need to do to walk a better path for themselves. We definitely need to be kinder to and have more compassion for each other.      

Thoughts lead to actions.

Be careful and warchful of your thoughts and remember they can lead to actions. If I say something eg. criticise someone those negative words can resonate and cause damage.

This book really inspired and helped me-

So how do we let go? Meditation can help. Thinking in the present moment. Maybe it’s a combination of different processes.


trying to understand why

” I belong to a group. I’m ok because I feel safe, wanted and at ease in my group. We stick up for each other so if anyone starts with anyone in the group we defend them. This makes us feel protected. If anyone wants to leave the group we won’t let them. It is vital for the survival of the group that we all stick together. ”
The first group many people experience is family. As people grow they may join other groups. Some join work groups, clubs, churches, gangs, cults, bands, families and online groups. Some may be part of multiple groups overlapping at different times to different degrees. Some groups have stricter rules than others. Armies for example have very strict orders their soldiers must obey. On the other hand loose formed collectives of cooperatives follow guidelines. Some groups work with other groups to help each other. There are other groups who a more private and prefer to go it alone. With so many different groups how do we make it work for everyone on the planet?

I want to live in a world…

I want to live in a world where people respect each other’s differences whatever their skin colour, their religion, their place in society, their sexuality, their culture or their abilities. I don’t want to live in a world that is divided and ruled by corrupt people who use fear to control us and manipulate us to get what they want.

Written about 2 months ago.